Twisted POV

No! They don’t understand. How can they? Do you? We don’t! Because we know we are both victims and victimizers. We exist, somewhere between the axis of love and indifference, friendship and solitude, ecstasy and sobriety.

Are you ever really just one person? One gender? One caste? One creed? One definition? Don’t you hear multiple voices in your head? Don’t you second guess? And yet, the first and the second, and a whole lot more exist in a single place. A unified entity!

Twisted POV


You are an abode to the dilemma. You are the quintessential Hamlet. And, it is not a bad thing. Dilemma…or duality or Maya for that matter, is the universe expanding in you. The more you exist at your own centre, amidst the duality, the more room you make for the universe and the mankind to seep in. Your horizons, they broaden, and you simply just get it!

The struggle ends here! Even in the face of all that is absolute and one, there exists multiple voices, multiple opinions, multiple truths.

With Twisted POV, we make room for a wide gamut of thoughts, originating from a single source. Let us welcome how one stimulus can inspire visceral sensations, thoughts, rants and feelings.

Stick around because some #MindNumbingShit is about to happen. The way you have been looking at something might just change from today!


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