Lazy to Type but Not to Love Self! That's Anjali Bissa for You all!

So here is a self lover who is ready to make her self-love declaration go live! However, she doesn't wish to put her pictures on the Blog? Does that mean she isn't real? No! She is one us! You might have shared your metro ride to office this morning with her. Perhaps she is classmates with your daughter.Perhaps she is your daughter. Or a son just trying to accept his gender.

However, none of that matter right now. For now she is a Leaner. And like a young girl, she is Leaning on to the tree, reading to a silent non-judgmental witness, pages from her own diary.

The question is, are you going to listen anyway ?

Here it goes!

  1. First thing, I like about myself is the love which I have for ‘Love’. I feel love and being loved are the two greatest feelings of the universe. Though I have some bitter experience with it, my idea on it never changes.

  2. I really care for people.

  3. I never feel jealous on anything or anyone. Because I love myself.

  4. I am an introvert deep inside and in no way I can fake myself. People often do not know the real meaning of introversion.

  5. I have multiple roles inside myself and the transformation between them makes me wonder!!! People close to my heart kindle a few things inside me which rarely comes out and I owe such people. Recently I drew a portrait of someone. I know I can draw, but I never knew I can make out a portrait.

  6. I understand the values of relationship and thus if you value me, I can be a real gem to you.

  7. My world is little and I love the people in it. When I say people, it doesn’t include whoever I talk with, but those whom I love. I never give up them, each one of them, are equally precious. I don’t give up them for anyone, not even to those who already exist in my world.

  8. I am least bothered about what I wear, how I look. I am just myself.

  9. I don’t just give a smile for a photograph, I say Eeeeeeee. This thing came inside me from my UG mates. Crazy fellows, I really miss them.

  10. I am absent minded more often, and the things which I do at times tend to be hysterically funny.

  11. I don’t die for adorning myself and I pity on those who are worried about how they look, Cosmetic creates a mask for oneself. A real woman is adorned by her inner soul, modesty and self control. If we start loving ourselves, we would look beautiful.

  12. Also I have a good self control on external fantasies which is fake actually. Like the other girls, I do like attires, simple jewelry blah blah, but I don’t die for it or live for it.

  13. I don’t like discussing rumours, food, clothing or other things, I wonder why most of girls do that.

  14. I love my name ‘Anjali’ and I feel I deserve the name wholly. I devote myself if I love something.

  15. I love south Indian cuisines and I can live the whole life eating different kind of sambhars. No need to spend on me if I come out with you, because I hate pizzas, burgers or any other junk foods. A simple meal is extremely delightful for me.

  16. I never make people feel uncomfortable with me. ‘My religion is simple, its kindness’ - Dalai lama

  17. I see myself learning life. I never forgive people even for a small mistake because I expect 100% in every relationship but now I realized those who forgive have a great heart and at the same time we should not always do it!! I believe the ‘Frog story’ :D

  18. Recently I started learning psychology and philosophies of great people and am able to realize their meaning and that feels awesome when I feel that with my life. Hehe, however my idea on philosophers were different like any other youngster. Now they changed.

  19. There are a lot of interesting ironies and amazing facts about change. As we all step ahead in life, if we note curiously, we will be able to understand changes. I love ‘change’ - A healthy change. Most problems arise for change. It applies for any kind of problem, if you deeply put up things together, you will find change as a source and also destination for every problem/solution.

  20. I miss my first spectacles which I was wearing in UG days. Though in the beginning I was hesitant to wear glass, later started loving the way I look in them.

  21. A strange girly thing inside me is the love for cats, especially kittens. I don’t know why but I adore them. I see a beautiful innocence in cats. Whatever they do, it is heavenly. If I give a kitten in your hands, you may probably feel the innocence.

  22. I admire even little things about people, also about life. Touch a stream of water, feel it, you will admire it. If you see a mole in a cheek of a person see it carefully, but oops don’t try to touch it, if he/she is the opposite sex :p I am a silent observer of people whom I admire, aspire. I see the correct time to inform my admiration to them and sometimes I simply choose not to say.

  23. I see myself as a classic person.

  24. Books. They are special to me. I am not a addicted reader. I read them when I feel low. And I have a special love for literature, it’s because the way authors admire things and give it in a written format. A good book is the one, which makes us to imagine visually and feel each of the contexts emotionally.

  25. I have a good memory in remembering every person who I have met and also the moments I had with them. I treasure memories.

  26. People, who know me closely, know how I look. So I don’t post my pics in any social media. Reason is simple, I don’t like shouting about myself am an introvert. I am selective ;) But I like photographs…It has memories.

  27. I love my small nose stud and I miss it now. I lost the small one.

  28. Even though I don’t like rumours, they are always behind me and makes me as a mystery totally.

  29. I am favourite of the people whom I love because they do understand me and love me too.

  30. I appreciate people for their work and also I scold them, but only those whom I love because I believe I have the rights to stop them going in a wrong path no matter how hardly they become anger on me.

  31. I have a special interest on flora and fauna, not reading about them but in observing and admire their mystery. Questioning nature is an amazing feel.

  32. My ideologies are neither of Gandhi nor like Nehru. They stand in between the both. A little anger is essential for life.

  33. If I do not understand, I don’t listen to the class. I don’t like shaking heads. Its idiotic

  34. I also believe that the persons or the things which are less spoken are up to something or perhaps there is something special about it. I don’t label the person based on what others say. I believe what I experience about them.

  35. Even am ironical. Sometimes I believe people spontaneously, sometimes I don’t. I follow my instinct.

  36. Whatever, I believe am the reason for my own decisions even if it goes wrong I learn from it and never regret.

  37. I like being alone sometimes. Not that am sad, but there is something. Pure Silence, it is good it makes me to understand myself more. But sometimes loneliness kills me! Ironical!! that is what life is. It is ironical in its own way.

  38. Mmmmmm music how did I forget?? I love it. Music is also ironic to me!!! Sometimes it makes me enjoy it, I feel floating especially if it is of Rahaman sir’s creation. The same music makes me to turn it off, brings tears in my eyes. That is what love is!! Love can make a person to feel happiest and the same tears you off, gives unbearable pain. I said it, life is ironical!!! But I am in love with that about me!

  39. I respect other’s opinion. Everyone have their own perspective and we should allow to express it rather than fighting for own perspective.

  40. I believe in ethics/morality or whatever you name it. Both in the way we live and also in what we do, it is essential. No matter how much we grow, if we lack in it, sure the end is not going to be good. It’s very ridiculous that in this generation most parents forget to teach their children about it. Rather than telling “Don’t lie” they say “Know how to survive”. Rather than telling “Be kind to people” they say “Be cautious”. Nobody is a bad egg when they are born.

  41. I am quite imaginative sometimes. But I also know reality is different. A little bit of imagination makes life to be thrilling.

  42. I like my short hair. It’s very simple; I never take more than 10 minutes to make them done!! I like imperfection in combing.

  43. I love myself as a woman no matter how hard it takes me to face the difficulties involved or how much people criticize my rights.

  44. Friends are so lovely. They mean a lot to me and I owe a lot to them. No words to describe. They are simply the best!! That’s what I can say. They make me to feel to live.

  45. I love watching fiction, romantic and thrilling movies. Rather than commercial movies I love watching art centric films. They involve originality and I expect logic.

  46. I hate publicity, boasting and also the people who do that. I don’t understand why it is required. But am happy that am not a victim of it.

  47. I admire life on the whole…when we try to explore it keenly, it becomes more interesting!!

  48. I like learning, it has no bounds. People die but things we ought to know are more than that!! I admire it too.

  49. I love the strange relationship between science, universe and the theories written. Or perhaps I am love with the fact that I am able to make the connect. You know what I mean, right?

  50. Quotes, sayings, philosophies meant nothing to me previously, but now I understand every saying by a person has a great meaning inside it. Even the most obvious things have some special meaning inside it. We all have to view with different perspectives. It makes life interesting!! Each and everything has a reason to exist and also everything happens for a reason. Even the self love blog happened to be one such.

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