The Story Hour

"It's a story. It's life. Yours and mine."

Like the backdrop of a book that we hold in our hands while shuffling our way through the unsuspecting crowd, is our life any less than a story in progress?

If you believe in stories, then this is for you. We bring to you 'Story Hour', a monthly rendezvous space for storytellers, writers, and enthusiasts, where the fiction, reality, and the grey area in between these two worlds collide to create the stories that are us.

The Story Hour

I have a deep, seasoned love for short stories, partly drenched in the sweat of my insecurities. They appear to me like the short-lived episodes of my existence, which tend to stand out on its own, without the need to be followed by a series. A story happens, as it just does. The 'why' part of it is as mundane to ask as to the one in our own lives.

Short stories are my cup of tea, and my cup of tea is really tea. As fragile and brittle the human mind seems to me, the fictional world of short stories is even more real to me. Fiction, for me, is not a concept rendered different from reality but the tiny little worlds living at the bottom pits of our minds - a secret existence never acceptable to us. So, when I sit down with my share of ink and a bit of paper, wondering what might float up next, the story is what flows through as an instinct right under my skin.

I just happen to have an affinity to stories, more than poetry. It's a preference, and a stubborn decision. Because I, a person with a very fragile sleep, have been able to fall asleep to stories. It's comforting like that lukewarm hug on that breezy day.

There happens to be these broken pieces of lives, influenced by so many experiences, written with a belief that it is Fiction. Fiction or not, I invite you to spend a little time in my story-like world, with stories that live with me but will not die with me.

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