ASHA against CSA

ASHA against CSA

Where personal narratives of survivors mingle amongst each other to hopefullyhelp participants connect the dots and find their way through.

ASHA – Adult Survivors Healing Association against Child Sexual Abuse is your safe space. We have created this space for people who have survived Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) and their friends, family, partners or other allies. At ASHA, we are your fellow survivors who aim to create a strong support system and network of adult survivors of CSA.

The inception of the group began from our sincere quest to find and connect with fellow survivors and bring a different range of experiences under one roof. For long, we have wondered if others like us have an access to any such space that allows for people to share their personal stories and experiences, without necessarily making it a clinical experience. When we failed to discover such a space anywhere around us (families, friends, schools and colleges, partners, etc), we decided to create one instead. And hence, ASHA was born from our deepest desire to access a space that is harboured around one’s visceral experiences CSA and connect with other adult survivors.

At ASHA meet-ups, we would be facilitating conversations around one’s personal experiences with CSA. We would be covering various facets pertaining to adult survivors, including and not limited to their mental health, emotional well-being, social or romantic lives, and more.

Come, and be a part of it. You may sit in the corner (it’s okay, we have been there too!) or choose to tell your story (if not in its entirety, then maybe a chapter at a meet-up). Promise, we’ll be patient and understanding.

Kindly support our initiative!

Counsellors Share your Stories Guidelines
At ASHA, we are driven to extend the safest space for participants and as the content shared in the meet-up might get tumultuous, we are seeking your help. We are looking for mental health professionals, counsellors, psychotherapists or other professionals who have proven experience in taking care of adult survivors and would like to volunteer their time or presence during the meet-ups or otherwise. We would be happy to discuss any further details. Kindly get in touch at Let’s talk about Child Sexual Abuse. At LeanOnTree, we urge you to share your stories. It can be your story or that of someone you know – with their permission or written in a manner that doesn’t divulge the identity or violates someone’s consent. It can have your name or can go without it. Do not hold back your words or feelings this time and share your personal experiences or stories with us at:

The space should ideally be accessed by people who are 18 years of age or above. In special cases, kindly get in touch with the admin team first. Since it is a support group, we request participants to be kind towards one another and take the responsibility of keeping the space safe and devoid of any discrimination, vulgarity or hate-speech. Further guidelines are available for the Facebook group & meet-up individually.

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