"I am a Possibility" Annie Reaffirms Her Self Love!

Childish! Foodie! Maternal! Voyeuristic!

Some of the many parts that Annie finds in her heart to love and accept completely. Completely? Or "it is a process..." as she often quips! Let us welcome this brand new and long awaited addition to our Self Love Challenge!

Without much ado, here's telling you what all Annie loves about herself.

Annie Singhal

  1. I love that even after being abandoned time and again by people in name of friendship, I still am a wonderful possibility of friendship

  2. I love that I am STILL a possibility of love in my life

  3. I love my taste in music, mainly comprising of my favourite movie sound tracks. I can connect to them naturally/instinctively

  4. I love my passion for food. Period!

  5. Annie Singhal

  6. I love my instinctive element which helps me connect, read, interpret and deicide about people and things in my life

  7. I love the infusion of creativity which I am able to experience at the time of cooking, writing or doing anything which I feel passionate about.

  8. I am voyeuristically observant usually. I can capture angles and glimpses better than most people I know

  9. Even though I find it hard to show my affection towards children, still I am able to do it

  10. I love my fascination with sea and sea shells. I have an important collection of shells.

  11. I feel maternal instincts towards people I love that resurface every now and then even towards my own mother.</b></li>
  12. I love my childish reactions when I see something that I am excited or passionate about

  13. Annie Singhal

  14. I love my obsession with hair lice and ticks and the compulsiveness to take them out

  15. I can do beautiful projection of whatever I can see or feel in my mind through words

  16. I am finally able to meet and appreciate extremely beautiful people in my life

  17. I can watch myself and others in third person whenever I want to

  18. I try not to judge people

  19. I have a good amount of compassion and empathy in me

  20. I am weird and awkward

  21. I can be amazingly super patient at quite unexpected times

  22. Annie Singhal

  23. Oh! My love for tea is a part of me. Hey, that rhymes!

  24. I am clumsy and I know it. Oh yeah! Oh Yeah!

  25. I love my feet, the way I can look at them and appreciate them. In an erotic way,

  26. My collarbones. I find them extremely beautiful after losing weight. Beautiful and erotic (again!). I can look at them for hours as a second person and get turned on.

  27. I can look instinctively with whatever is available in front of me. Vegetarian of course

  28. I say thank you and sorry to whenever possible and necessary.

  29. I have started to not give up on people too easily.

  30. I am an extremely hopeful person. That shamelessly hopeful person

  31. I am sensitive about people's gender and sexuality

  32. I can accept my own mistakes bravely, once it agrees with my reason and logic

  33. Somehow I have given up on alcohol. I am extremely thankful and love my ability to not like it.

  34. I can click and capture really beautiful pictures sometimes and edit then in an even more beautiful way

  35. Annie Singhal

  36. I can sew together short stories in my mind. Now this is random, instinctive, absurd, hard hitting, reflective – just the way I love it

  37. I can see faces of characters from my short stories in the crowd, The way I can just see it, realise it and know that its ‘them', fascinates me

  38. I admire my love and obsession with ol' world charm. Be it ww2, post-independence India, or flower power people. I have a feeling that I feel attracted to these because I have lived through these eras

  39. I have the super ability to erotify almost anything. Offcourse except anything and anyone below 18 or non-consensually.

  40. My life's shift towards spirituality. It feels like a second life

  41. I used to always think that I am a receiver in most aspects of my life. But slowly with experiencing life as we know it, I have come to realise that I am a giver too. I have a lot to provide people and universe with. I love this realisation about myself.

  42. My ability to treat people as individuals, regardless of how they are/were to me or other around me

  43. I love my ability to mentally play a background score in any and most situations of my life

  44. I am a good amount of ‘Jugaadu Person'. I can make things work in some unusual and unexpected ways.

  45. People think I am weird and I can always take it as a compliment. Every single time.

  46. My procrastination has a limit. I am thankful to myself for that. When my procrastination reaches it limit, I enter a phase where I complete all the pending tasks in a go. It feels like a quite a proud moment.

  47. I look in mirror at myself and sometimes I am able to appreciate the extremely beautiful, cute, erotic, sexy and smiling girl I see in it, thinking, “how hot is she!”

  48. I love the audacity to do things my way and be least bit of sorry about it

  49. I am able to keep the child in me alive till now. I let it be and express itself freely.

  50. I don't try to force myself for things I am not comfortable with.

  51. I am the ultimate surprise giver. None has been able to match my standards till date. Bitch Please!

  52. I love my sharp teeth. They can intimidate, love and bite too

  53. I love to drink water and I like the fact that It is my preferred drink, my go-to drink. Not Alcohol

  54. I have a feeling that wherever I go, I change people's lives in that place forever.

  55. Annie Singhal


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