2 Cafe Chronicles and the TwistedPOVs

2 Cafe Chronicles and the TwistedPOVs Are you aware about a thousand stories that surround you, as you while away in a fancy Café while the city tithers away under the torments of rain?

The curiosity got the better of us, as we found ourselves lurking around at the corners of some random Cafés in the capital. 

As the first of our offering in the #TwistedPOV section, we bring you two tales of café. Are they connected? Are they antagonistic? What is the damn connection? We don’t know You figure and do let us know! 

2 Cafe Chronicles and the twisted povs

Café Chronicles Twisted POV: Story 1: Agony!

It hurts, I shout, feeling every ounce of air escape my lungs as I say it, shaking my head from side to side, almost dismissing the torment my insides are in. I'm a witch for fuck's sake, I think to myself, still lost in the daze and rush of adrenaline that used to occupy my nights.

A pinch on the leg, a tap on the stomach, my fingers traipsing my wrist, I assess myself to find the point of injury like an informed surgeon who knows his shit, fueling my delusion even more. "I wanted to be so much, so much more", I think as I have a slow, mono-coloured flashback of my life beginning in my head. This is it, this is the end, you're bleeding from the inside, there is no saving you, just lie in the pool of blood that fills beneath your feet and breathe.

I never understood the beauty of the process before, inhale and exhale, simple, easy, elegant; a process that permeates our being and makes us feel alive. I see blood, my blood and I wonder why a witch like I ever broke his vow. To see, to feel and to heal, the cardinal law of my nature, twitches in my eyes like shattered pieces of glass lodged inside my retina. I can see my blood and yet, I do not feel wet, I can feel my pain and yet I do not know where it is, I can heal my body but how can I touch a soul that's been damaged too far. My eyes become heavy, I lose consciousness, The End!

 A strange hand shakes my core blaring "your total is Rs. 500, Sir," 

I walk out of the cafe a changed man.

2 Cafe Chronicles and the twisted povs

Café Twisted POV: Story 2: Beauty!

With every step that you take forward, I see you leaving behind the person you were, and becoming a beautiful, strong, instinctive, and nurturing person that you were always supposed to be. That I always wanted you to be, without meaning to change you in any way.

I am so thankful you embarked upon this journey. And out of all, you choose me and that's all the more humbling. We need to see the beauty in someone else to finally come to appreciate the beauty resting peacefully within us.

You see the beauty in everyone around you. I see the beauty in you. And for once, the sun shines brighter and the star glitter with glow, and I know that there is only beauty.

2 Cafe Chronicles and the twisted povs

We leave you with much stewing to do! Until next time, 




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