My Life, My Way: Subhalaxmi Parida Talks About Self Love, Life, and Positivity

"Realized that it had been a long time since I had appreciated myself."

With this one line, Subhalaxmi Parida submitted her '51 Things I Love About Myself' for our Self Love Challenge on Facebook.

We all are making our journeys in this world. Her world is driven by passion, humility, truth, search, and learning. She has principles and she is never afraid to stick to them. This brave leaner also believes in the power of silence, peace, selflessness, and herself. She is beautiful and she knows it - a spirited, soulful human.

Subhalaxmi Parida

  1. My inquisitiveness to know new things.

  2. My nature of not holding grudges on people for too long as they just stress me out.

  3. The fact that I can look beautiful at times.

  4. The way my eyes sparkle, and get excited seeing a math problem in front of me.

  5. I am humorous at times, and can lighten up the situation.

  6. I get instant ideas and solutions at times that sometimes amazes me.

  7. My body. I am very proud of it even though I never acknowledge it.

  8. My curiosity about technical stuff. I have an inclination over computers even though I have majored in zoology.

  9. My interest to contribute to the society, to provide education to every kid out there.

  10. My smile. Because that is one picture everyone loves to capture.

  11. I draw inspiration from each and everyone around me.

  12. I am highly impulsive yet can sort out things in a moment.

  13. I can absorb other’s views and also respect them for it.

  14. My hair. It looks gorgeous at times.

  15. I can easily forgive.

  16. Subhalaxmi Parida

  17. My love towards food. You won’t see me wasting it.

  18. I can’t be selfish at times. I keep thinking about giving company to people when they are alone although I may be busy at that time.

  19. I easily adapt to newer technology. My urge to remain updated.

  20. My love for Superwoman. The fact that I want to be like her. Inspiring people, spreading happiness.

  21. I can forsake an outing with friends and stay at home just to give company to my mom.

  22. My power of explanation. I can break complex things with day to day references and make you understand it like a pro.

  23. I talk to god now and then, and assume that we are playing a chess game in which he is just on the opposite side to guide me to take over the things stopping me from winning.

  24. My belief in positive attitude. I think one can achieve anything by just keeping a positive attitude towards it.

  25. Subhalaxmi Parida

  26. Retail therapy is my sense of meditation. Even if I am not going to buy, just trying out new clothes gives me immense pleasure.

  27. My love for novels. They take me to a whole new world and help me see the world with a new perspective.

  28. I can make up stories within 3 seconds.

  29. I can answer questions even when I am half-asleep in a class.

  30. I watch feel good TV series with a picture perfect life, because they induce positivity in my brain.

  31. I avoid fighting and can give-in to stop a fight.

  32. When I am in charge, I never fail to satisfy.

  33. I can sleep 14-15 hours straight even if a band is playing on the top of my head.

  34. I learnt a language by talking to friends, reading movie posters and with no formal education. Now I know to read, write and speak it.

  35. I prioritize the moment rather than its materialistic value.

  36. The flexibility of my body.

  37. I love learning things that has a perfect procedure to it. That’s why I have not been able to learn cooking as the quantity of the ingredients is totally based on assumption.

  38. I prefer the calm of nature, rather than the sounds of a movie.

  39. Subhalaxmi Parida

  40. I can finish a book in half a day. I am a fast reader.

  41. I can write beautifully.

  42. I learn things at a faster rate.

  43. I make sure to watch the process of how things are made. In simple words I love ‘making’ and ‘behind the scenes’ videos.

  44. My immunity. It is just plain rock solid. I haven’t had a fever in ages.

  45. I can smile even in the worst of situations. I don’t let people make a big deal of me.

  46. I believe in the power of silence. I don’t speak much and love hearing other people talking a lot.

  47. Subhalaxmi Parida

  48. Posing for photographs. I am highly expressive.

  49. Once a week, I voluntarily cry when I am alone so that all depressive feelings are out of my system along with those tears, and so I can start the next week with a carefree mind. If I don’t feel like crying, I watch an emotional movie and somehow induce tears.

  50. I am very emotional. Tears are ever ready to flow down my face.

  51. I can’t hurt anyone on the face. My feelings of hatred don’t come out that easily.

  52. Sarcasm isn't my forte. I am not sarcastic and can’t tolerate sarcasm.

  53. My preference over Indian things. I love Flipkart more than Amazon.

  54. I love reading about start-ups, life story of entrepreneurs. Whenever I love a product, I go ahead and read about its birth and development.

  55. I could write 50 things that I love about myself in a single day.

Yes, she went ahead and wrote more than 50 things she love about herself. One for the road it is, she must have thought. Bravo Subhalaxmi!

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