Full of Self-Love, Life, and Lemon Zest: 50 Things Kanika Goyal Loves About Herself

"It's still rather overwhelming that I could complete this. After the first ten, I did it all in one go. Lots of love."

She is one of the first people to accept this challenge from our side, and went on to challenge several of her friends to do this. Because she knows what it takes to get this done in this world. Personally, she has one of the most reassuring and calming smile I have EVER seen. And you know what, she can cook! Oh man, she can cook. Here is an amazing attempt by this Diva to let us all know a side of hers. 50 things Kanika Goyal loves about herself :)

Here goes-

  1. My eyes.

  2. love to cook.

  3. I love to feed.

  4. The bliss I can find in a good book.

  5. The mole on my shoulder.

  6. My rediscovered collar bone.

  7. The ability to listen.

  8. The intention to help.

  9. I can laugh unabashedly.

  10. I can cry fearlessly.

  11. I can talk endlessly.

  12. I make weird faces too often.

  13. I talk to myself.

  14. I dream.

  15. I daydream.

  16. I can make people laugh.

  17. I have learnt to take injections and not scream.

  18. The sudden bouts of seeking an adventure.

  19. I can plan - I'm all about lists.

  20. I can manage - from a kid's birthday party to a bachelorette to an election.

  21. I can multitask.

  22. I can apply the perfect eyeliner.

  23. 23. Takes very little to make me happy.

  24. Isn't easy to make me happy.

  25. 25. I can bake my cake.

  26. Kanika Goyal

  27. I can eat it too.

  28. I'm fat and proud.

  29. I went to the Pride Walk alone.

  30. I hoard objects - and always remember the stories associated with all of them.

  31. I can let someone be.

  32. I don't judge.

  33. Love my quirks.

  34. I have a handful of friends, but all of them are absolutely wonderful and the kind of people whom anyone would love to know. And they love me.

  35. I can feel actually happy alone.

  36. My new found love for traveling.

  37. My undying love for everything purple.

  38. I can talk and joke with people of almost all age groups.

  39. That I look like my grandma, and sometimes like my ma - they're both gorgeous.

  40. I love my brother and nephew enough to die or kill for them.

  41. I can forgive. Surprisingly, it doesn't take too much of an effort.

  42. I can forget. The painful parts. That takes effort, but is worth it.

  43. I can remember. The beautiful parts. That is all that is worth.

  44. I can usually tell people I love what they mean to me, in my own way.

  45. I get excited about my birthdays about a month in advance.

  46. I live to eat.

  47. I can not go without chocolate for more than three days (and why should anyone have to, really!?).

  48. I love to dance. And sometimes, by myself, I dance to my own music.

  49. I dress well, mostly at least.

  50. I can walk straight after a host of tequila shots. And I detest wine.

  51. I can love. With all my heart. And all my might. Fiercely, crazily and silently!

With so much of self loving going around here, we bet that when looking at the right places and right intention, we can always find something or the other to love in ourselves. Cheers Kanika! To another beautiful leaner and congratulations on completing the challenge. But keep your reading glasses on, as we are not done with any of you yet.

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