A Leaner's Response To Corporate World's Toxicity And Viciousness

Dear Leaner,
Life was going good, and then tough times happened. The way they always do. More than for me, I was sad for the people around me. You know how certain people are like sponges; they sort of absorb the aura and the energies of the place. I am that sponge.

And so, when the company I work for, decided to make Annual Performance Evaluations as toxic and vicious as humanly possible, I, more than anything else, just wanted my colleagues to feel better. Perhaps to see the light at the end of the tunnel or something like that. Hence, I did what I I could do best..

I wrote something!

This is for my colleagues.. This for you.. This is for anyone who think people around them are trying to make them less! Here it goes

"You're beautiful!" - I am saying this because I am not sure if someone else told it to you today. And you are the sort of person who deserves to know this! You are beautiful!"</p/>

Flowers, and NOT Soap Dishes

Listen up! Wait. Just be. Stay!

You. Each one of you, are beautiful...wonderful,

Unique in your own way.

So what if they don’t want to see it?

So what if they find it convenient to ignore?

You are beautiful, like the dirt, the pebbles, the flowers blooming in the cracks...

The skies and the life underneath.

You may are pressured into thinking you are average,

But let me tell you, my friend, you are more!

You are not a chapter that gets over...

You are a river that continues to flow...

You are not just a natural resource...

You are the beautiful embodiment of nature and all of its glory.

I know you are exhausted...

The beauty always has to strive for existence.

But the existence depends on you, my friend.

You are the Source!

So let it all tousle, trip and turn...

You can now exist peacefully at the center of the chaos.

You are braver than you think...

You are NOT a victim, but a CREATOR!

So find now, as you remain still at your center,

Your own melody...the rhythm of your soul.

Dance or act, sing or cook...

Do what the center tells you to.

The world is faulty, flawed and false...

And that is why you exist, my friend.

To cause the ache. To break it all down.

To let the real life tucked inside you, radiate out!

Just because the passersby didn't halt to take notice,

Should the flower cease to bloom?

No my friend, no!

Because passersby are meant to pass us by; let them!

You continue to bloom; my love!

Because flowers, are meant to bloom!

Each unique. Each co-existing. Each blooming.

You see now, oh friend...

We’re flowers...not soap dishes!

Flowers for self motivation, self worth and self love

Is it one of the verses on self-worth? I don't know. I really had no idea that the annual Employee Performance Review at office, would impregnate me with this motivational or whatever poem. I simply just wanted to make my colleagues (and self) feel better. I wonder if it would bring about any change. I wonder if the management would choose now to treat us all as unique flowers, and not just soap dishes. But I hope, Hope, HOPE my colleagues and friends, and you, Dear Leaner, read this, and for a few moments, discover that everlasting peace resting within you.

Much love and Power to You!

Sahil Verma.

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