Not Perfect But Improving! Rachna’s Declaration of Self-Love!

Rachna…A Hindi word that fundamentally means "Creation!"

Let us figure out below, what all the Creation aka Rachna loves about herself.

This one is for the girl with the most sincere and honest smile.

  1. Loving yourself is an art and I love myself in various ways, one of which is reminding myself how grateful I am to be alive, enjoying my life with the one I love the most and can live another infinity years with him.

  2. I realized soon it is important to love self because, I heard someone said that once;”if you cannot love yourself, it is difficult to imagine how you can love others.” Love yourself the most and you will start loving everything around you or at least make an effort to make everything lovable. So I love almost everything about myself, Head to Toe!

  3. I love my smile. It can make everyone feel comfortable and welcomed.

  4. Rachna

  5. I love my height 5’5. I have been told many times that I need not wear high heel sandals or shoes and I keep telling them, the taller I look, more confident I feel. And I love heights!!

  6. I truly admire another thing in me, which is that I can forgive quickly and love easily. Most people find forgiveness as the most difficult thing to do, but I can.

  7. I love my cooking, once upon time there was comment which was passed on to me – “do you know how to dough a flour?” And here is the answer that I cook awesome and everybody loves it!!

  8. I love the way I take care of my loved ones. I just can do almost everything they ask me to do.

  9. I love when I am able to surprise my family and friends, I love the fact when I am able to see that happy tear in their eyes and joy in their face. I am a super star!

  10. Now getting tougher! - I love the way I talk, I am very polite and calm.

  11. I love my collection of artificial jewelry. I love flashing them!

  12. I am open to feedback and I love the fact that I am able to work on my areas of improvement and I do well.

  13. I love all my achievements till today and the most rewarding achievements in my life was when I became a mother.

  14. I love the fact that people still remember me , even if I did only one training session for them years ago, but they still remember me!! This feeling of acknowledgement and being wanted is overwhelming!

  15. I love myself because I can connect with anyone and bring a smile on their face.

  16. I have and will continue to do charity for a good cause and I loved myself when I spent my first salary on my loved ones and did charity.

  17. Rachna

  18. I love myself because I accept the way I am.

  19. I love myself more when my child tells me that she loves me more than I do!! That definitely brings smile on my face!

  20. I love myself when I fail, because I understand that I need to relax, review and restart

  21. I love the fact I took the biggest risk in my life and I am enjoying it! No regrets!

  22. I love myself more when I think how blessed I am! I am so very lucky to be blessed with wonderful parents and in laws!

  23. I love myself when I find happiness in small things!

  24. I love myself that I did Philosophy (H) when one of the teachers told to my acquaintance, why you want to torture this kid, let her take BA pass. I feel proud of that moment that I decided to complete my graduation in Philosophy (H).

  25. I love the fact I have made very good friends at work and outside work!

  26. I was able to bring change at work and people still remember me for that. I love that about myself

  27. I truly feel happy when I think I was able to bring many rewards and awards for my team and team members at work for all the hard work they did. I was only the team-leader under whom every team-member got the award.

  28. I love the fact that I am always grateful for what I have and I am going to have. Because I am very lucky and I love that about myself!

  29. I love myself that I am organized and I can keep my house neat and clean even after working for long hours.

  30. I see beauty in everything. As they say a thing of beauty is a joy forever.

  31. Rachna

  32. I am simple and less complicated! I can laugh and cry very easily

  33. Still going on! I believe in love at second and last sight! 

  34. I love the part of me that makes me ask lots of silly questions and people can find it entertaining!

  35. I can make people love me all the time! I am lovable! And that is another thing that I love about myself.

  36. I don’t rest till I get the best.

  37. I am very caring and considerate.

  38. I can play with kids like a kid, and well, I do a lot of cheating too 

  39. I love the fact I have kept my little kid alive in me, it really helps me rescue from all the mistakes I ever do.

  40. I love getting clicked! Saying cheese now! :D

  41. I had faced many ups and downs in my life but I guess it made me a stronger person, women, lover, mother, daughter, friend and wife but I am still a little sister!

  42. I am a very emotional person but at the same very strong willed, if something does not work for me, I move on.

  43. I love the way I look and dress, I like my long hair ( I think my hair is long)

  44. I can listen endlessly and respond exactly the way I am expected to 

  45. I can laugh on almost on everything. Serious people make me laugh.

  46. I am proud of myself for overcoming most of my fears! I have done very well!

  47. I loved the fact that I could love my parents more when I became a mother and I believe my love is growing stronger each day for them.

  48. I can cry like a child and be very unreasonable (sometimes).

  49. I am very accommodating and full of love.

  50. I invest in continuous learning. I think you cannot learn enough and you continue to learn each day.

  51. Getting closer. I have realized it is very important to remind yourself that you are important and you must take care of self. Go pamper and buy yourself the most expensive gift you can.

  52. I like shopping for others and self. Shopping is a big treat for me.

  53. Rachna

  54. I always try to remind myself that I am not perfect and I am also a human being, I can make mistakes. I improve and polish my skills every day! I am women, daughter, sister, wife, friend, mother, teacher and a professional. I enjoy all my roles and I love it!

Sahil’s note – I felt an immediate liking towards Rachna, the first day of our NLP class. Some people are magnetic that ways. She came across as a successful and self-made female, who at the same time was very humble and open to learn. Eventually, as I started getting to know her more, she revealed a part of her existence that was just so pristine. Maybe it was me, or I don’t know, but I felt, Rachna was just too willing to trust. The way she would let me practice weird NLP patterns on her…she would often close her eyes like a little girl and would TRUST that I will help her in some way or the other. The trust she showed in me, made me become better. When someone so angelic chooses to invest their trust in you, you sort of strive to become the best version of yourself. You give in your best, and then some more, because you know this one person deserves far more than being disappointed.</li></ol></div>

So thank you, Rachna, for bringing that out of me. And of course, I had to tag you in this self love challenge. And I knew at the beginning of it, that you might take time, but you would definitely do it. I hope it was another enriching experience for you.

Leanontree’s note</b> – It is heartening how friends help friends to love themselves. Thank you, Rachna, for allowing yourself to experience this. And also, for sharing the beautiful experience with all of us. You have definitely brought more beauty and innocence to Leanontree’s humble abode!

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