I Love That I Could Find So Many Ways to Love Myself - Pallavi Gupta

Leanontree warning: This particular entry in our Self Love Challenge, could be a bit of a roller-coaster ride! Happy Reading! 

"I am excited. I like to take up challenges and follow them.
Let’s see what this one brings out for me."

  1. I love it when my dad puts his heart out to me. He shares his worries and concerns with me. Because he knows I'd understand.

  2. I love my face cut. From a few angles it looks real hot. Umm.

  3. Pallavi Gupta

  4. My eyes. They are beautiful and expressive. Even if I try to control my emotions. I have little control on these two.

  5. I love the way I feel when I dance. I dance and reach a totally different level of ecstasy.

  6. My love for old songs and classics. Especially the soft soothing music. They seem to hum according to my pace.

  7. My proficiency in Hindi. It's a rich language and I love to know more about it. As of now I am tempted by Urdu as well. My new love.

  8. That I have been a strong person. I accept that everybody has their share of struggles. But I love that I rose above mine. I respect myself for that.

  9. My zest to live. However hard it may seem to live. However suffocating it gets sometimes, I always choose to rise and have a good fulfilling life because I deserve it.

  10. The power of imagination I possess. Sometimes it bewilders me. I have experienced a vivid range of emotions and lived lots of experiences by letting my imagination go wild. I have felt it exactly like I would feel being at some place or with some person or in the situations.

  11. I love my dusky colour. There was a time when I couldn't accept it, and tried hard to change it. But now I am in love with this skin colour. It's sexy.

  12. I love my body. This is a sound body. Lets me move freely. Usually healthy. Makes others envy. ;)

  13. That the efforts of others to belittle me don't bother me now. I now understand this is their way of making themselves feel good about them.

  14. I love that I don't attempt to praise or please others just to gain favours. But I give honest compliments.  And it actually counts when I compliment.

  15. And I don't accept egoistic behavior from anyone just because they are elders or my seniors or my boss even if it means to be standing alone. I find it better to be with a couple of good people rather than be a part of egotistic people and compromising my self esteem. Oh I have the courage to stand up for me.

  16. It's awesome how I get quick ideas/ simple solutions/shortcuts to handle situations. Well I am somewhat lazy and maybe that's why it comes naturally.

  17. I love the way I can think of quick witty one liners just at the right time.

  18. I am ready to give myself experiences to grow and learn and be a better and more passionate person.

  19. I am a closed person. Yet I can talk at length and have good conversations even with acquaintances.

  20. Pallavi Gupta

  21. I always am ready to help others and assist them in their growth/ healing processes.

  22. I love my hair. After all curly hair is so much fun. They are on their own whatever way they curl giving me different looks.

  23. My love for books. The way I find pleasure with books. Feeling it completely and letting it contain me, my soul. Laughing with it or shedding tears or being at peace with one. What if reading books was a job, I would be making fortunes!

  24. I love the way I take care of all my belongings. Be it even an inexpensive earring. Nothing gets lost or dysfunctional. It simply passes on from me to someone else or is used for some other purpose. If it's mine, it is special and will be taken care of.

  25. I totally love my habit of organizing. Rather I am obsessed with it. Clearing all the clutter. And keeping only as much as is required without being greedy.

  26. I love this scar mark on my nose and this one near my left eye. I think this is cute. :*

  27. "I am doing well till now. 24 and still I am writing without pause." Ahaha!
  28. I accept people the way they are without being judgmental. It wasn't easy but now I have learnt that they all are cool the way they are.

  29. I love how people seek my advice/ help. And how I actually be a good listener, yes, 'me a good listener' for a good length of time.

  30. Similarly I am grateful to have these people whom I can go to ask for help on anything or discuss about anything. Beyond that, I love the new found courage to actually ask people for help. That’s more like shedding my ego.

  31. I love that I am now leaving my insecurities behind and have started trusting people.

  32. I think it's really awesome the way I am. My habits, my strengths and weaknesses. And I am working to be better not to prove something to anybody but for my own good.

  33. "A pause. Because there is lots of stuff going in my head. And I just need to sort this out and decide which one to write first. Ok here I go again"
  34. I love my smile. It makes me feel everything is alright and will be.

  35. I love my own company. I have been with me for so long and I don't know if I ever be so comfortable with anyone as I am with me.

  36. Pallavi Gupta

  37. I love it when I consider myself as a second person. I always feel there is somebody else with me in this body.

  38. I love to be alone for a while. That gives me chance to be more insightful and experience solace and peace.

  39. I love the fact that I can assess a situation objectively even if it involves me. And I can realise where I was at fault and how I could avoid an unwanted or not so pleasing experience.

  40. I love the way I can feel everything so intensely. I let the emotions contain me and feel everything at its peak but a part of me is prepared for the detachment. I have learnt this art really well.

  41. I love my limbs.  Sleek with long digits. Oh, and these artistic fingers.

  42. I love my handwriting a lot. The way I write a few characters and the special strokes while giving away certificates.

  43. I love the way I am changing (or being more of myself) and growing. And the process I am going through.

  44. I love that I don't try to copy others but always choose to be me and create my original stuff be it writing or reading or dressing. I love to be called weird or different from what girls usually are. Because I disapprove stereotypes. And generalizations.

  45. I love the fact that I am such a curious being. I am crazy to know even the minute nuances. Like the difference between rat and mouse or who discovered the mirror. Or from where did a particular word originate?

  46. I am patient in my life and I give time for things to take their course to happen.

  47. I feel happy in little moments of love or compassion or spending time with nature. Like smelling the walls drenched in water. Smelling the flowers. Looking at trees and birds, feeling the air on my face, my body. It's a total pleasure to just be away from everything noise and feel the quietness.

  48. I have compassion for the people I am close to. My family, friends and a few colleagues. I wish to be there for them when they need without expecting the same. Because somewhere I feel I will have one of them when I need.

  49. I love me for helping others, doing their work (supposed to be done by them) even when all I want is some sleep. Because I want them to take some rest or enjoy something else that is happening then.

  50. At times, I am childish. My excitement makes me jump and laugh. And sometimes I am serious mature and ready to take responsibilities, plan my strategies. I love them both.

  51. I lovvee my cravings for delicious food. It goes like "if the food is delicious, I am hungry." If a place offers good food, then it's a reason enough for me to plan a visit to that place. Um-yum.

  52. Pallavi Gupta

  53. I can be genuinely happy in other’s happiness. I can celebrate their joys, achievements and special moments.

  54. "It's getting a little difficult now. But I am going to make it today itself. "

  55. I am learning to understand the reason behind people's actions. When somebody tries to harm me, I could figure out their fears/reason out the behaviour or some past related to it. And I find it easier to forgive them, though, this was very difficult for me in the beginning. It relieves me more when I could forgive.

  56. My thirst for excellence. I may be slow in completing a task but I am more inclined to do it properly and accurately up to my satisfaction levels.

  57. "One more to go. Yeay. I am doing really good. Yoohoo!"

  58. I feel really awesome, special, touched (yes all of that) when parents of my students thank me and tell that they are grateful because I have been the teacher for their kid. I know I may not be the best person for their child. But I have worked with my best intentions to be a person with whom the kids would learn and love and look up to in their time of need during the time period they are with me.

YABBA DABBA DOO. I did it. Yes, I did it. I knew I could.

Pallavi Gupta

#Matlab mujhe pta tha k mujhe khud se bohot pyar hai but ye toh by God, self obsession hi ho gya.

#I love that I could find so many ways to love myself. And I could go on and on. Maybe each day I can find many more reasons. Maybe the list never ends.

Now, I feel hungry. Will feed myself. Lots of love to those who took out time to read it till this line. Bye.

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