Megha Loves Being Herself and 49 Things More

While flipping through the mails of friends and family members that we have received as entries for the Self Love Challenge, we were pleasantly surprised to receive this one entry in particular.

Quite strangely, we don't know the person whose self-love story you are going to read in a bit. In fact, she insists upon not sharing her pictures or Twitter handle.We wonder who this strange girl is...

Anyway, here is sharing with you all, Megha's tryst with loving herself!

"I thought this would be hard, but I finished in less than an hour."

I Love...

  1. Being me.

  2. The way I look.

  3. That I am shy and assertive at the same time.

  4. That I can accept all aspects of me. The good, the bad, the ugly and everything else there is.

  5. That I take care of myself.

  6. That I am decisive. Can be good or bad decisions :P

  7. That I can get out of my comfort zone.

  8. That I am the first one to put up resistance for any unjust cause.

  9. That I am selective about the people I let into my life.

  10. That I can let go of anyone or anything that is no longer in my best interest.

  11. To show my vulnerable side.

  12. That I keep silent most of the time.

  13. That whenever I speak, I speak my mind.

  14. That I have never done any butt-kissing in my life. Parents don’t count.

  15. That I am in constant evolution mode.

  16. That my home is wherever my loved ones are.

  17. That I have the power to day-dream.

  18. That I listen to everyone but do things my way.

  19. To pick my own clothes. Always have.

  20. My sense of style.

  21. That I can pack in a jiffy.

  22. That I can love people unconditionally.

  23. That I can cut people off if they choose to harm me.

  24. That I choose to live than to exist.

  25. That I live according to my rules. Very stubborn

  26. That I have the same BFF for over a decade.

  27. That I chose my religion.

  28. That so far I have only loved once.

  29. That I have several quirks. Will not name what they are.

  30. That I am so different, weird, individual and refreshingly original.

  31. That I have a gypsy life.

  32. That everything in life falls in place only at the last moment.

  33. That I maintain standards in everything.

  34. That I can laugh at people who try to put me down.(Psst…it makes them uncomfortable).

  35. That I can be nice without being a door-mat.

  36. That I am a lazy kinda woman.

  37. That whenever I feel scared I run towards it and not the opposite direction.

  38. That I chose to be born to my mother.

  39. That I can SEE people for who they really are.

  40. That I think of food ALL the time. Seriously. I am a foodie.

  41. That I can play in the rain with no inhibitions.

  42. That I can laugh whole-heartedly.

  43. That I always remember restaurant names than people or places.

  44. That I can’t stay mad at my BFF.

  45. That I feel so connected to everything.

  46. That I can maintain my happy frame of mind, most of the time.

  47. That I get excited to go grocery shopping.

  48. That I make weird happy noises when I eat my favourite foods. Ice-cream, chocolates, anything Italian…

  49. That I can be a kid when I am in the presence of kids.

  50. That I listen/watch different genre/language movies and songs.

Tada! Loving yourself is just as easy! So why not like Megha, you too submit your entries quickly to us?! For further updates, do keep on touch @leanontreeblog! Yeah, Twitter, Facebook, Insta, Google+ whatever! You'll find us! :)

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