50 Things Payal Mahajan Love About Herself!

I accepted this challenge thinking it would be fun, and then I just forgot about it.

But when I saw Sahil's post I realized that I need to do this...if I say I will, then I will.

So here are the 50 things :)

  1. I love the fact that I am a very resilient person.

    I may cry my heart out, I may scream and shout about the injustices I face, but I will eventually bounce back and overcome most things that life throws at me.

  2. I love easily. I have been hurt loads of times by people I have loved, but I never seem to learn :). I like the fact that every time I love someone , I do it like I have never been hurt before, with all my heart and soul

  3. Payal Mahajan

  4. I trust easily and like a child . I trust completely unless you give me a reason not to..

  5. I have a child like, wide eyed, curiosity  in me. I love to experience new things, get to know new people. It opens my horizons

  6. I don't carry grudges for long. Someone has to really put in loads of efforts, for me to hate them. I think its a waste of my emotions

  7. I genuinely am a happy person. It takes a lot to get me down and out.

  8. I always like to try something at least once, unless I think it would harm me or my loved ones.

  9. I laugh easily. Mostly I have a naughty smile on my lips.

  10. I never forget a kindness someone has shown me, specially in my bad times. I will loyally watch such people's back all my life. But at the same time, I don't forget the unkindness too. I may forgive but I don't forget

  11. I believe that I am a compassionate person. I cannot see others in pain, and will go out of my way to help.

  12. I am a very loyal person. I make friends for life. If you are my friend, I will hound you till my last breath. I will stand with you no matter what. I will vehemently defend you to the whole world. I will find the reason behind any wrongful action of yours and make sure you understand it. I am a pretty scary friend to have around :)

  13. I love the fact that I can talk for hours . I love a good conversation. I love interacting with people who stimulate my mind. And I think I have decent conversation skills myself

  14. I love the fact that I cry easily . I used to hate it before but now I believe it helps me vent out my frustration and makes me stronger. Only strong people can cry..

  15. I love the fact that I enjoy books. They open my mind, they transport me to a different world . I adore books.

  16. I believe in magic. I honestly truly believe that there is magic all around us. I believe in the power of positive thoughts and good wishes..

  17. I love the fact that I am not cynical at all. I believe that there is some good in everybody. Sometimes circumstances make people behave in a cruel fashion but most people aren't really like that

  18. I love fairy tales, I believe in the happily ever after. I am pretty dreamy eyed :)

  19. Payal Mahajan</img>

  20. Even though I am a dreamy person, but when it comes to day-today life I am very practical. I have a firm grip on my work and my home affairs , and I manage them pretty well.

  21. I am pretty adventurous . I love the adrenaline rush that I get from the unknown and the dangerous :)

  22. I can be pretty patient with people I love and it takes a lot of dumbness to actually provoke me.

  23. I like that I am becoming less and less judgmental as I am growing up. I have faced a lot of judgement myself , and I have taken a firm decision to not force that on to others.

  24. I like my eyes. I love the way they sparkle and how full of life they are. I love the emotions they express.

  25. I love my smile. I think it lights up the room and brightens my world.

  26. I love my crazily expressive face with has a thousand expressions on it. And I love the way those expressions make the people break into a smile :)

  27. I love my hands. They are all soft and chubby, like they haven't done one day of hard work . Which by the way is not true :)

  28. I have learned to love the stretch marks on my body. They are a proof of battles won, of harder days which I didn't succumb to.

  29. I have learned to love my size and shape after years of criticism and disapproval.

  30. I like my hairstyle right now. I think it suits my face :)

  31. I think I am blessed with good skin. I owe it to my mom

  32. I like the fact that I love children. They represent hope and innocence to me. I think I will be an awesome mom one day :)

  33. I love the fact that my work matters to me a lot. If my patients are in pain, I would worry about them,till they are fine. The fact that I care about my work, makes me a better dentist

  34. I like the fact that I have faith. Whether it is in God, or in some universal energy, I genuinely believe that someone out there is looking out for me

  35. I have started believing in guardian angels. I think my dad is my angel , looking after me and making sure that I am alright . He guides me to the right path, when I feel most alone..

  36. I like that I have learned to shed tears without feeling broken inside. I have learned to shed happy tears. Tears of remembrance with a smile on my face..

  37. I like that I listen to people's advice. There are very few people whose advice I really follow, but when they say something I take it very seriously . Even if I don't agree with it, I listen to their side of the argument and more often then not I can see what I did wrong. I cherish such people in my life.

  38. I love the fact that I am learning to live on my own terms, without worrying about what people would think of me. 

  39. Leanontreeblog used Jane Austen's and Charlotte Bronte's famous quotes to invite reader.
    Leanontree's personalized invitation to Payal.

  40. I love the fact that I am very dependable . If I said I would be there, I will. I will watch your back and not back out.

  41. I don't go back on my words. If I said I will do it, I will do it. Don't push me. I will do it in my own time, but I will.

  42. I mostly don't lie. Unless they are fun, stupid harmless things . I would rather not say anything , then lie. 

  43. I genuinely believe that I was born for the better things in life, and that people who love me, must bear my tantrums :)

  44. I like my lips. I think I am a good kisser . Sweet and teasing is my style

  45. I am a very mischievous person. I will play pranks on people and try to confuse them by giving contradictory views. I love seeing the confused and bewildered expression on their faces :)

  46. Payal Mahajan

  47. I think I am very witty. I admire people who can outwit me

  48. I love the fact that I can be pretty lazy sometimes . I can just be like a log, not even moving from the bed. It helps me unwind

  49. I love the fact that I have understood that nobody in this world is indispensable. I know that I can live without absolutely anybody. It may be very painful, but I won't die.Somebody recently told me something, which I won't ever forget.He said that "we will loose all the people we love to death, either theirs or ours." I have made this the Motto of my life. I am learning to detach myself...
  50. I love the fact that I took up this challenge and completed it. I am not a quitter :)

  51. I am a very intelligent person. Sometimes I wish I was more hardworking, but I guess am getting there..

  52. I love the fact that I can jog 6km without stopping. I never thought that I could achieve that

  53. I am very protective and caring person for my family and friends. I won't let harm come to them. I would destroy anyone who tries to hurt them.

  54. I love the fact that I can do good makeup . It brightens up my sad days. It makes me look prettier on days I don't feel pretty at all..
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    Payal Mahajan</img>

    I honestly didn't think I could write 50 things I love about myself. I have surprised myself :)

    But thank you so much, LeanOnTree for pushing me to do this . It made my day :)

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