Christmas; You’re Perfect Signboard & Conversations

Beginning: The Seed is Planted

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Before we could even interview Tarun Gidwani for his “You’re Perfect” initiative, we were so inspired, we knew we just had to do this in Delhi as well. While we were just going through various posts such as the Logical Indian and going through his Facebook Profile, we felt a mammoth amount of motivation that we possibly cannot articulate in words.

We eventually had the pleasure of getting to know Tarun and learn more about the initiative. Eventually, other commitments in personal and professional lives took over and the idea took a backseat. But, he had already impregnated our minds with this novel and fundamental idea. When the seed gets planted, the nature doesn’t await you. The nature nurtures it with her multitude elements. We didn’t know the nature was constantly doing the same with our minds as well.

25 December 2015 would have been a regular off, with nothing to do, chilling over food and beverages. We spent a better part of Christmas Eve debating on where to party. You know the usual Kamla Nagar for street food Vs. Khan Market for beautiful Christmas Celebrations Vs M Block being best for hanging out Vs CP for being Central for all, we suddenly had an idea.

Let’s do You’re Perfect?

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It was a yes without anyone even having to formally give an affirmative. There was no looking back for us! We didn’t have to argue any longer. In the spur of a moment, we decided to go full on with the initiative. But you do know nature had been working its way since a long time back!

Annie & Punya got the placards, Sahil got the Green Card Invites, Pallavi and Palak brought in there gregarious amount of enthusiasm, charm and laughter!

We assembled at B Block CP! We all had a bit of apprehension, all with no police permissions and what people may think, but none of it mattered when pictured against the conviction each one of us had for the concept.

While Sahil worked on the cards, Annie, Pallavi and Palak took turns to holding the placard. Barely 15 minutes into it, we had our first guest up for a conversation.

Conversations with Curious Strangers!

He approached calmly and wanted to know what we were doing. We engaged him in with relaxed counter questions.

“What do you think is it?” – “Well, it says I am perfect and when I read it out loud, I am saying You are perfect!” Okay, quite honestly, we were not prepared for the echo effect, but sure it made sense as well.

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“When you read it, do you believe it?” – “Umm, no. How can I be perfect?”

“Well, that’s for you to figure out. This is just a message, a stimulus.”

“No, but I am curious to know what is the idea behind You’re Perfect?”

“The idea?!” At this point, Annie was quick to pitch in “You are a living one-time phenomenon happening today!” This was the line from the Tarun Gidwani interview that she had learnt by heart! But our curious stranger still needed more explaining.

“I understand, but perfect?”

“Absolutely. If we were to put a baby in your hands, you wouldn’t judge it. You would just love it, be intrigued by it, or probably just play with it. But not judge it, right? There was a time when you were not competing. There was a time when the entire world was your playground. There was a time you were alone with bare minimum and your imagination, and you seem to want nothing more. And then the world happened. Then we grew up. We entered the times where we have to constantly compete, strive to be better…better than what? You are unique! A truly one-time phenomenon.

“So, this is an initiative to reconnect with that part which at peace, joyous, loving – whichever way you wish to define that part for you.”

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Needless to mention that was just one conversation. People and CP gave us the pleasure of such conversations over and over again through the enchanting evening.

LeanOnTree Invites: Magic Yes, Tarot No!

We would eventually engage in a conversation. A lot of kids wanted to come, sit with us, some even wanted to hold the placard that was actually double their sizes. Some would shout “Yes! I am Perfect! So are you!” And we would revert with a “Thank You & Merry Xmas!”

While all of this was transpiring, Sahil had finally made a stock of few Green Card Leanontree Invites! And Garima, another kind and curious stranger, seemed to arrive at the most opportune time!

It started with the usual, “What is it that you are doing?” that Pallavi took care of with here Teacher-esque patience and calm. Eventually, she suggested Garima to opt for a card as well!

“Okay, so what is this cards stuff?” She asked Sahil.

“Well, when we started LeanOnTree, we wanted to invite our friends with a personal gesture. We would write a quotation on the card and drop it off to them. I right now have 5 cards, and have written random quotations on them. If you want, pick one without seeing. You might find it meaningful in your life, especially at the onset of a new year, or you might now. Either way, it is a beautiful quotation, and you can use it as a bookmark or anything.”

“Ah okay! I would like to pick a card!” She appeared visibly excited.

“Sure! Just know this is not tarot or anything. We have literally just written random quotations on random cards.”

“Yeah okay! Let’s see.”

And she finally picked a card that said:

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~Dear Garima,
The MAGIC works THROUGH you. Not inside you. Not around you. Not for you. Not Around You. THROUGH YOU!

Choose your stage, do your dance, stake your claim!
-    The Universe.

#ShowYourLove @

Now, she had been thinking about some dance classes, figuring out a style that would fit her personality, and while reading the card, she had her answer. She thanked us, we thanked her back, and on a chilly Christmas evening, gratitude flowed a little more around CP.

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Now, again, the card did not contain the answer. She had known the answer since a very long time. The card barely worked as a stimulus, a small catalyst in the big, personal, intimate process.

Hugs, Conversations, Intriguing Questions

Eventually, we had a friend marked as a stranger meet us. Manmeet started with the same question we could just not get tired of answering. Eventually we entered into a dialogue and towards the end, he wanted to hold the placard with us and spread the initiative.

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Someone wanted to prove that “You’re NOT Perfect. We are all Imperfect.” Yes, we engaged in the conversation, but peacefully opted out of it before the discussion could turn into an argument. We hadn’t gone out there to prove a point. We were literally just calling them Perfect, letting their own thoughts, believes, convictions, work the magic.

Another kind soul came up us and told us we are doing God’s work. Now that was interesting in particular! None of us are very religious; while some are agnostics, others do not have any deep rooted religious believes. But when we got the compliment of doing God’s work, we couldn’t help but fold our hands in a Namaste and radiate the gratitude.

There were group of friends, families, individuals, all very curious, welcoming, open for discussion and humbling us further with a show of love.

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While we were engaging in conversations, giving out cards (and being beautifully surprised at the reactions) one fellow in particular stopped for a conversation.

He wanted to know if this was a promotional event, or if there was a commercial agenda</strong> behind the same. More than anything, it was a comment on how cynical or jaded we had become over the times. We engaged in a conversation with him. The talks of self love, spreading smiles – or just the message that you are okay, you are perfect, whatever you feel, it is okay!</p>

The discussion went for quite some time after which he wanted a card as well. Co-incidentally (like there is such a thing as a co-incidence,) he picked one card that Sahil himself felt quite emotional while writing. The card read:

“Dear _____
To have been loved so deeply, even though the person who loved us is gone, will give us some protection forever.
-  J K Rowling.

Grieve. So that you can be free to feel something else.

#ShowYourLove @”

He first wanted to return the card, so that we could give it to someone else as well, since he had already read the quote. But the moment Sahil approached to receive back the card, he had a change of heart. He decided to keep the card anyway. We don’t know what the card had invoked in him. But we did ask him to get in touch with us, if at all, just in case.

Deadline: When the Cards End!

Initially we had decided to call it a day the moment we’d go out of the cards. Which happened in a bit, considering how we had merely 15 cards in total. Annie, like a tough task master that she is, reminded everyone of what we had decided as the time line for the initiative. We had to call it a day anyway because police had twice asked us not to do “all this!” Okay, we are not even getting involved in that.

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Anyway, with Pallavi’s unstoppable enthusiasm and Sahil’s desire for more conversations, along with Manmeet’s unconditional support, even after Annie’s strict reminder, we didn’t exactly stop. We kept walking through the circular paths of CP, carrying the placard, finding one way or another to show it to passersby.

Eventually, we were just too cold and too hungry, and getting late for personal commitments, and hence we decided to call it a day. A day we never wanted to end. And it doesn’t really end, does it?

This is only just the beginning! You are going to find random strangers on roads telling you You’re Perfect from now on.

The conversations, the warm and open hugs we received, the chocolates we got, the gratitude we felt, all of this has only inspired us to do You’re Perfect more often.

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That was just one day! The initiative continues. Our journeys continue! Our conversations shall continue as well!

Here’s to the continuum!



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