Winter Poem: Inspiration

Thank you people for showing you love to our #MyDecember event. Here we bring you the next entre in the series. This one is again a short poem composed by Kartik Chopra taking this turn of the season as an inspiration. Winters are often said to be sad; no quite literally. SAD, with regards to winter, stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder. And as the winters cover us all in its thick unshakeable blanket of gloom, Kartik in his poem finds a way to discover strength, resilience and romance. Here’s presenting, Inspiration:

Still hung up about my personal issues I roamed in the college corridor and caught glimpse of this winter landscape, it inspired me, to create this...


Reality struck me like lightning.
Trauma was much more than frightening.
Sadness was so overwhelming,
One could not keep me from breaking.

In anguish and despair,
I found no one who cared.
Even the pitiful glimpses,
Felt like angry stares.

But then I saw this scene,
Which touched me like a dream.
A tree plundered by autumn,
Lifeless, yet serene.

The grayness and the gloom,
Of the mantion by the tree,
Too joined it in the lament,
And made the sorrow bloom.

Yet I fetched a smile,
From this stream of glumness.
It made me a romantic,
And left my heart in numbness.

The next time you are rushing your way to home, to finally surrender to the warm blanket and avoid winters altogether, stop. Look around yourself. Patiently let the surroundings sink into your psyche. Who knows the inspiration you have been looking for might be just around the corner. And once that happens, do share it with us at



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