This is the beginning

From where I stand right now, nothing was this way ever before. And nothing will ever be. It always feels like this. When asked to describe the present, I am flooded with flashes of past and dreams of future.

About the present? I can just see myself and people I cherish beyond this life. I see myself, like right now, basking in the yellow light of this strange staircase, trying to pen something for you. Yes you!

I wish I could speak with you in person. For now, and for always, these words are going to be the bridge. Between you and me, covering the distance between us.

There is this person I love who lies in hospital right now. Dealing with the pain and recovery of a minor surgery.
Do I feel his pain? No
Do I feel pain? Yes
Do I feel him? Yes

You need to know that every word, punctuation, and error here is intended for you.
There is this person I love who lives daily and dies some days. But I, and he, don't let him just die and make him rise from his burned down ashes. He is trying to prove something and he will. He intends to prove me wrong, prove his past wrong, his skills to the world, his value to himself.

Why am I telling this to you? Ask yourself. You can look into my eyes while asking yourself that. There is this person I love. I know her because of another person that I love. I happened to like her. Then I happened to love her. She teaches children and children teach her. Well almost. She is an adult and she finds it difficult to learn what the children try to teach her. I wish i could say the same about the children. She is doing her share of learning anyways. And she accepts me without fail. I have heard it time and again that I am strong. Most of the times I find it hard to believe.

Can you tell me I am the tree? Yes
Can you lean on tree? Yes
Can you lean on me? Yes

You know why I am the tree, because I am not myself without the elements that keep me strong, that keep me 'Me'. The skin that grows on me, the roots that are my essence & life, and leaves which tell the world that I am alive and there is hope. I am these. These are me. I try hard to be me. I am me!


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