"You're Perfect! And Good At It!" - Tarun Gidwani!

When we first heard of his “You’re Perfect” campaign, we fell in love with the idea so much so, that we decided to interview this kind stranger. Few exchange of emails revealed a beautiful composition, hither to kept under the wraps.

After soliciting unequivocal consent, we bring you Tarun Gidwani’s contribution to LEANONTREE.

Tarun Gidwani

You're perfect.

How does it matter what the living or dead people say about how this should be?

You are an alive miracle. Living a life that NEVER happened before, unfolding a story that NEVER occurred before, in a form that NEVER manifested before.
When you are asleep; the world fades into darkness. When you wake up in the morning: the sun wakes up, the trees wake up, the people wake up, the birds and the animals and buildings and concepts wake up. They would not have existed without the miraculous touch of your subjective experience.
The empty center of this colorful tornado that dances for your entertainment.
Wherever, whatever, whoever you are - single one-time phenomenon that will never ever repeat. The excruciating uniqueness of everything about you!
There are of course, forces from culture that make you want to fit into a model. But you've always resisted that, haven't you? You've always ached it.

You've always been coming back to the brimming solitude of your perfection. That is the place you found the perfect relationship, perfect job, perfect experience and perfect weekend night.

Haven't you?

Every thought, fantasy and play that arises - you've always respected that, even if you've sometimes submitted them to what-they-think-I-should-be-doing.

Which is okay too, just because it's you.

You're perfect - the signboard I hold: Has to be true right? Because, for THIS not to be perfect, there has to be another place where something else is happening. But where is it? Except in slices of sound, memory and imagination?

This is it, this has to be it.

Gazillions of atoms hugging each other to make THIS.

To make you.

Just the way it is.

You're perfect. And good at it.


Tarun Gidwani

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