50 things "I" love about Tanya Kharbanda

I have written about myself from a third person’s point of view , doing so has helped me see a lot of things which I would not be able to see if I wrote it by embodying my own-self.

This may appear to be narcisstic..but I love everything about myself, even the things I don’t like…

I love "Tanya" completely just way she is flawed and flawless :-)

Tanya Kharbanda


  1. Well this girl has one of the most deep and naughty eyes…  hazel light brown iris which often in sunlight appear gold.

  2. Lustrous honey hair with natural streaks of gold..(yes its natural, thanks to my genes)

  3. Her dark circles, which speak countless struggles and her countless triumph .. the darkness under her eyes correspond to the brightness of her face, making it a wholesome visual delight.

  4. Her  golden upper lip hair(yes they r golden!!! And invisible… therefore saves me the pain n money of threading!)

  5. Her over pulpy cheeks.. yes big juicy pinky cheeks.. as soft as baby.

  6. Her one of a kind smile (her teeth have one of the most interesting arrangement).

  7. This girl also has amazing skin tone and texture.. and pimples somehow even make them even more beautiful (yess somehow pimples also add beauty)

  8. Her hands are that of a mother, comforting and soft

  9. Her nails which naturally grow to the “ideal” size..

  10. Her plump layers which makes her the cutest thing alive (yes somehow I have developed love for them)

  11. Tanya Kharbanda


  12. One of the perfect balance of intellect and wisdom

  13. Amazing team player and team leader

  14. Amultitasker: from a marketing, to management to human resources…

  15. Quality is priority to this girl, and if that is missing the organization goes to dustbin

  16. The vision and objective of her actions and intentions is always beautiful and contributive for everyone

  17. Flexibility: she moulds herself  from caring colleague to a firm manager without any hitches..for her friends and family!!

  18. This brunette is a  problem solver : yes she has an insight and solution to possibly everything..and her friends know who to give a call on the crossroads!

  19. She is famous for NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for which she keeps making her friends guinea pigs..

  20. I love the fact that she is brutually honest to her friends about everything (even things which she should be mum about)

  21. And her habit of being excited, hyper and transforming to Jab We Met's Geet.

  22. Tanya Kharbanda

    Small Joys!!!

  23. She can transform from a warm Punjabi mummy like attitude to a sarcastic hot bitch in iota of seconds… and the way she changes her colours is one hell of a sight.

  24. She has another interesting shade she is the cool dude… she prefers to wear loose t-shirts, messy buns and wears a lethargic smile .. and walks as if like a carefree prince who treats stress and probs like an unknown entity to her..

  25. She has another cute habit!! She can laugh on herself and her life situations!! Entertainment value of each problem n her life increases with her age..which she thoroughly enjoys as an audience..

  26. She has another mode!! The baby mode… where food stains on her clothes are a common site

  27. This girl knows the art of listening and silence..

  28. She also knows the art of being detached and neutral

  29. Possessing immense mental clarity and strength she can bring out the root of all issues

  30. She loves making mistakes (but not the same one)

  31. Tanya Kharbanda


  32. Her open mindedness is way to shocking!!

  33. She faces harsh truths without being senti..

  34. She enjoys her own company and is her own buddy

  35. She has a this amazing talent to transform her pain into strength

  36. Hope and positivism are her constant companions

  37. While handling her life, she is rational yet idealistic which gives her the Opportunity to get the best of life

  38. She has made love to her own shadows… and pain is now her ally

  39. Her forgiveness power is divine..

  40. She has learnt to be peaceful and happy in every situation

  41. She knows how to cheer her own-self

  42. She is balanced in her approach to life… she thinks for others and herself

  43. She believes in magic and has encountered it many a times

  44. She creates, sustains ,transforms and destroys..

  45. She has built herself from the scratch and wears her scars like medals

  46. She believes in living in the present

  47. She has turned like water ..which slips through fingers but holds up a ship

  48. She feels, thinks, acts and yet makes nothing the center of her existence

  49. She has grown up way to fast.. but way to beautifully

  50. She honors herself and her commitments.. her loyalty is royal

  51. She knows when to wise and when to be childlike

  52. She embodies a spirit which beams courage in the most unimaginable ways

  53. She brings home wherever she goes - everyone she meets, she treats her like family!

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