Punyasloka Parida: A Geek! A Movie Buff! And Now, A Self-Lover!

Have you wondered what amazing journey life is? It was quite heartening for us to see how by writing 50 Things He Loved About Himself, Punyasloka Parida gave us a glimpse of his journey so far. We feel honored that he could trust us enough, to share his personal odyssey!

C'mon Leaners, let us discover how well he fared on the Self Love Challengenbsp;

50 Things I love About Myself, By Punyasloka Parida

  1. I am usually kind to people especially strangers.
  2. I learnt to write and read Hindi within one month. Hindi is neither my mother tongue nor my second language in school until 6th grade. I could write essays after that! 
  3. I can write, read and speak in three different languages. There is an additional language that I know only to speak which happens to be my mother tongue!
  4. I am good in organic chemistry. During my 12th grade, I used to spend hours solving chemical equation conversions given that I used to a be really very poor in chemistry during my early grades.

  5. Punyasloka Parida

  6. I believe I have a good taste about music in general. I am not into any specific genre but one can always rely on my choice of music.

  7. Works of A.R. Rahman, John Williams, Thomas Newman and Amit Trivedi are very close to me. I grew up with it and they fill up my loneliness.

  8. I am good in trigonometry.

  9. I speak very less and observe a lot.

  10. I love my ability to talk with myself and analyse a situation.

  11. I like listening to every individual's perspective on the situation than drawing one myself.

  12. I have an OCD for clean desktop window, neat designs and clean mail inbox.

  13. I am capable of capturing a particular scene in a beautiful way inside my mind. I have been trying to do the same with my camera nowadays. 

  14. I have a great taste for off-beat cinema. The more it makes you sleep, the more I love it.

  15. I am proud of my love for unconventional cinema.

  16. I don't stop talking if the topic is "cinema".

  17. I love watching movies in almost empty cinema halls. That way I can get more intimate with the movie.

  18. If I watch a movie in my laptop, I always watch it in pieces.

  19. If I am moved after watching a war movie, you can say the movie is really good. Though I have never been to war, I have an emotional attachment towards war related stories on screen.

  20. I am a big admirer of Anurag Kashyap and some of his movies are part of my life.

  21. I can make people laugh just by describing the obvious things. I learnt it from stand-up comedy sketches.

  22. Punyasloka Parida

  23. I love my formal black shoes. I wear it with almost everything.

  24. I love wearing metal watches. The touch of metal over skin feels very good.

  25. I love dressing up in formal attire than in casuals. It kind of gives me confidence!

  26. I like being natural when it comes to grooming. I love growing up my beard and hair and look like a vagabond but I groom up too.

  27. I am a good gamer (video games) and an expertise in SMACKDOWN: HERE COMES THE PAIN. You need to be really good in that to beat me up.

  28. I love skimming through magazines that feature luxurious cars, hotels, gadgets. I never read them, just skim.

  29. Punyasloka Parida

  30. I have a great love for movie posters especially the ones that are available easily.

  31. If something is good but ignored, criticized or hated, I start loving it even more.  

  32. I love my geeky glasses. No matter how much people criticize it, I love them.

  33. I love coding, designing and understanding algorithms for simple tasks. 

  34. If I get stuck while fixing a bug, I become crazy and restless. 

  35. I have never succeeded on focusing on anything else till I fix the bug.

  36. I love writing computer programs to automate tasks that I do on daily basis in my computer. 

  37. Sometimes, I browse a website just to look at its design - "the look and feel."

  38. I was told to attend a sample aptitude/technical exam once and I wrote it in a very casual way. When the results were declared, I got a good score and that became my passport to attend job interview despite my backlog after an year. 

  39. I love my phone very much because it was made by a company which loved mobile devices more than the money it made.

  40. I love sitting alone in the back seat of a car and I prefer remaining silent during a car drive.

  41. I love sleeping on bench than on bed. It's a habit developed during my school days and it feels heavenly!

  42. I have started loving clicking photos - the edges of an object, the focus, the colour and everything candid.

  43. I show a great deal of enthusiasm while editing a photo I love.

  44. Punyasloka Parida

  45. During college, I used to be the preferred guy for designing posters.

  46. I consume a lot of time to design a simple poster but I try to make sure that every pixel is original.

  47. I show the same enthusiasm for videos as well. Editing clips and mixing audio to them are my favourite.

  48. I especially love creating non-linear storyline for the videos I edit.

  49. When it comes to creating title and end credits, I take way more time to finish them than the video itself as I love it so much!

  50. I only torrent movies which are available in Blue-Ray or High Definition Format. I delay  watching a movie for months just to wait for the blue-ray version to be released by the torrent websites.

  51. My only contribution to anti-piracy is to watch movies at movie theatre. Especially the ones which doesn't have much audience because of its unconventional subject.

  52. I prefer hearing a movie soundtrack than standalone albums.

  53. I love scribbling on walls with my foot nails. You can see my masterpiece in my bedroom at home. 

  54. I love listening to Old Hindi songs in All India Radio especially when there is no electricity supply along with mad rain.

  55. Punyasloka Parida

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