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The Story Hour

"It's a story. It's life. Yours and mine." Like the backdrop of a book that we hold in our hands while shuffling our way through the unsuspecting crowd, is our life any less than a story in progress? If you believe in stories, then this is for you. We bring to you 'Story Hour', a monthly rendezvous space for storytellers, writers, and enthusiasts, where the fiction, reality, and the grey area in between these two worlds collide to create the stories that are us.

An Ode to my Dystopia

Stay, because I heard it somewhere, Stay, because it sounded shinier Stay, because someone looked at me Stay, as it was supposed to be better Stay.... Freeze, because I am not better Freeze, because I am more of the matter Freeze, because I think I should be fixed Freeze, as I fail to speak


" ‘आटे बाटे चने चबा के,कोकलिया के कान कटा के’ , कोमल सी हथेली पुचकारते हुए 'ये बिल्ली का चौका' ,बच्चे का अंगूठा हिलाकर 'ये गैया का खूँटा' , बड़ी से छोटी उंगलिया पकड़ते हुए " ये अम्मा की, ये बाबा की, ये पापा की , ये मम्मी की , ये मेरी ,नोनू की बछिया खो गई ..खो गई .... खो गई ......, (फिर उंगलिया नाज़ुक सी कलाई से ऊपर धीरे धीरे बगल की तरफ जाती), पा गई... पा गई... पा गई .. और फिर एक बड़ी ही निश्छल ठहाकेदार हँसी पूरे घर को अपनी मासूमियत से महका देती है । मैं जब भी अपने घर जाता तो मेरी भतीजी मेरे पास आकर कहती ' चाचा , आटे बाटे करो ना " और मैं हर बार उसकी इस बचकानी चाहत को पूरा कर देता।

[Trigger Alert] Real Life Story of Male Rape

Before you go ahead further and read this real-life incident, please make sure you are comfortable. The incident narrates the haunting tale of rape. of Male Rape. As you decide to read the incident, and support the rape-victim, reconnect with your own strength and power. Feel completely safe now as you go ahead and read about the Incident. “Anupam and I had been friends since three years when this incident happened.

Love, Sex and Valentine’s Day

No offence but it is that wretched time of the year again. There are only three times in a year when I feel like being in a relationship. One: On Valentine’s Day. Two: On my birthday. And Three: well, all of the winters actually. Okay, before you begin to read between the lines, please know that I know – perhaps better than most around me that other people are not medicines. I will not let a person in, hoping against hope it will be an antidote to my depression and melancholy. I will not use a body, just because I am lonely and in a position to use somebody.